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Open Water Anxiety Management Course:
Training for new and nervous triathletes. Often newcomers underestimate the challenge of racing in open
water so our athletes tend to be  beginners who have not yet done a triathlon, and those that have had
difficulty with the swim at races.

This course is about what to expect and how to prepare for the rigors of open water racing. From dealing
with your wetsuit to managing breathing issues and anxiety. Swimming straight, swimming in a mob,
sighting seamlessly and creating an effective race plan will all be discussed. By the end of the course,
participants will be able to demonstrate proficiency in  the Fearless Swimming Skillset - 5 skills crucial to
open water competence.

We will also demonstrate the
SWIM IT** (pictured left) the race legal, USAT and WTC Ironman) approved
open water safety device which straps securely to  the back of your thigh. If you get into trouble, a firm pull
of the tab will instantly inflate a life vest that will keep you afloat and visible until you feel better or help
arrives. Fearless Swimmers get a $10 discount (use promo code "ingrid5") when you order a SWIMIT

The class takes place on public beach in the Newport Dunes Waterpark at 1131 Back Bay Drive in
Newport Beach. There are picnic tables, an outdoor shower and restrooms near the meeting area. You
can park in the paid parking lot, or park on Back Bay Drive and walk to the beach.

Topics will include:
  • Anxiety management strategies to keep you calm and in control on race day
  • Safety, Equipment and wetsuits
  • Pool work that will improve your open water swim skills
  • Goal Setting
  • Managing cold water
  • Swimming straight and sighting
  • Mob swimming
  • Seeding,Pacing and Race day tactics
  • What to do at the buoy and more.

Instructor and class activities:
This class is 3 hours long. About half of the class is lecture and the other half is water work.  The
instructor is in the water taking the class through a series of skill-building exercises. At the end of the
session are you given the option of a 500M practice swim around the lagoon.Alumni from previous classes
are invited to join the water portion to reinforce their skills and provide more people for the mob swimming

Your instructor,
Ingrid Loos Miller, has written several Ironman Series books including, "Fearless
Swimming for Triathletes (Meyer & Meyer 2011). She is a former ocean lifeguard and a USAT level 1
coach. She is a competitive triathlete, often making the podium in local races and she has completed
multiple Ironman races.

What is included in the $125 Fee:  
  • Exceptional anxiety management-focused instruction by USAT coach, Ironman Series author and
    former ocean lifeguard Ingrid Loos Miller.
  • Copy of Fearless Swimming For Triathletes (Meyer & Meyer 2011).
  • Latex swim cap. You can borrow a neoprene swim cap for extra warmth during winter and early
    Spring classes.
  • Unlimited class. Retake the class as often as you wish (as long as you RSVP).
  • Wetsuits are mandatory. Wetsuit rental is included in the fee if you need one BUT ONLY if you
    register at least 5 days in advance.
  • FYI From January - May, Neoprene Swim Cap and gloves are highly recommended.

**About the Swim IT: I don't get paid to promote the Swim It, but it is the best safety device I have  seen. I wear mine
whenever I swim in open water .The fact that it is race legal is icing on the cake. Get one and swim  with confidence. - Ingrid
Miller, Founder of Fearless Swimming
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